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Den Wtg, Den Voters!!!

Discussion in 'The WoW Servers' started by cmoabob, Oct 16, 2012.

  1. cmoabob

    cmoabob Supporter!

    Just checked our ranking on wowstatus.net and, lo and behold, we are El Numero Uno of all private WoW-Cata servers!!!

    That places us in sixth spot overall and I'm glad to see us break back into the top 10 in such grand style.

    So, do yourselves and the Den community a favor by voting every 12 hours by clicking here to cast your votes twice daily.

    And need I remind you of the real, tangible rewards to be reaped such as 20 Emblems of Frost that you can get for voting a mere 13 times?

    And for the time-conscious, need I remind you that, all in all, casting 13 votes takes less time than clearing to and taking down the first boss in ICC?

    Maybe I did... : )
  2. cmoabob

    cmoabob Supporter!

    ...and there are other in-game prizes available as well.

    Just type ".vote listitems" in your chat window and you'll see how far a few minutes of your time can get you!
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    • cmoabob

      cmoabob Supporter!

      Bummer: for some reason, my voting point total is not increasing any more...
      Yesterday evening and this morning I thought the numbers hadn't changed so I wrote them down.
      Sure enough, they didn't change after voting this evening.

      Darn sure I didn't break anything, so I blame it all on Jason. ; p

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