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Voyage century online

Discussion in 'Gaming haven' started by slaya1, Jul 30, 2007.

  1. slaya1

    slaya1 Lance Corporal

    hey who here has played voyage century online? and how long did u play?
  2. Oldtaco

    Oldtaco Gunnery Sergeant

    Is this game that you talk about better than 2moons or WoW?

    If so, I will take my time and look at it
  3. slaya

    slaya Private

    well its a pirate game were u can make ur own ship and board them and kill the captain and fight other ships and go to different real world cities like seville and athens and alexandria and much more. you can use other weps like guns swords axes and flachions.
  4. Sniper_Kitty

    Sniper_Kitty Codename AceWolf

    I played a bit before, was good, but I got bored really fast.
  5. Oldtaco

    Oldtaco Gunnery Sergeant

    No double accounting, but is this like just a text game? Do you have hundreds of turns or something like that?
  6. slaya1

    slaya1 Lance Corporal

    srry taco that was my OLD account and it wouldn't let me log on so i made my slaya 1 and i accidentally signed into that one. but its a 3D game and its not a take turn battle its a do as many hits as u can until they die.
  7. Oldtaco

    Oldtaco Gunnery Sergeant

    Are you able to play this game as long as you can and just keep leveling with it? Basically no restrictions as turns and the like?
  8. slaya1

    slaya1 Lance Corporal

    yea u can do whatever u want. u can have a battleship and lv it up and everything or have a merchant ship or a raiding ship. no restricitions and u can be a blacksmith and all. u can cut trees, mine and lots lots more
  9. slaya1

    slaya1 Lance Corporal

    its pretty fun actually
  10. Oldtaco

    Oldtaco Gunnery Sergeant

    what is the link for this game you speak of?
  11. slaya1

    slaya1 Lance Corporal

  12. Ryokashi

    Ryokashi Private E-2

    Heh, I tried it out in the past, tried it again today, unfortunately my computer still can't handle it. I need a better video card. <.<
  13. Oldtaco

    Oldtaco Gunnery Sergeant

  14. slaya1

    slaya1 Lance Corporal

    why cant u play games?
  15. kakakela

    kakakela Private

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  16. kakakela

    kakakela Private

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  17. ajrimmer42

    ajrimmer42 Private

    I really enjoyed this game, almost more than WoW. I'm still aiming to get a lvl9 Man 'o' War from Tortuga lol. I'd definitely recommend it.
  18. StarfighterJ

    StarfighterJ Private

    I BETA tested Bounty Bay for six months it is just like VCO except it is P2P. I like it alot so I started to play VCO I still am playing it. But sure can see where the Item Mall has it problems.:blob5:
  19. monkeybutt

    monkeybutt Private E-2

    I played the game for a little while, it was fun and I got into a great guild that lent me money and helped me learn the game really well, but after a while it just got boring.
  20. DeadlyHit

    DeadlyHit Private E-2

    Im pretty sure i played this but quit pretty quick i get bored of games to easyily

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