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Den Vote Point Question

Discussion in 'The WoW Servers' started by cmoabob, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. cmoabob

    cmoabob Supporter!

    Is there a hard cap of total points in effect?

    'Cause neither of our two accounts are getting anymore for voting (both over the 7k point...)

    Just asking.
  2. cmoabob

    cmoabob Supporter!

    On one account...

  3. cmoabob

    cmoabob Supporter!

    ...and on the other.

  4. KingPin

    KingPin Administrator Staff Member

    checking now

    *Edit1 : thats weird, the limit is 65535 so nowhere near 7K. looking further

    *Edit2 : it might be something broken on wowstatus itself, looking into it.

    *Edit3 : Just checked, our script is working as intended. so definitely wowstatus.
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    • cmoabob

      cmoabob Supporter!

      Kinda blew 1,200 points to purchase EoF to drop my total, just to check, and still no go.
      Problem not on user end either: voted via my phone yesterday evening (mobile and wifi in a hotspot) and no points earned...
      Time to buy a voodoo doll in the likeness of wowstatus ; )
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      • cmoabob

        cmoabob Supporter!

        Gah, just friggin' realized you'd written "65535" instead of the "6535" I'd read...
        Note to self: put glasses on nose and concentrate before unwisely using yer damn points : (

        EDIT: still friggin pissed at myself... I was saving those for when Cata came out, lol. Not fun being an old goat, I'm telling ya.
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        • cmoabob

          cmoabob Supporter!

          Still dead on the voting point front for both accounts.

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