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The Future Is Ours! Your Thoughts On The Den.

Discussion in 'The WoW Servers' started by Bionuclear, Mar 14, 2013.

  1. Bionuclear

    Bionuclear Lord of the End Times Staff Member

    Hello Denlings, Ash and Darthas have a few questions that we would like to ask you in regards to the future of the Den.

    1.) what would you like to see in the near future of the den (include anything, as far as upgrades such as cata, vendors, etc. perhaps you would like to see something removed)?

    2.) how would you rate the server at this point in time? (1 lowest- 10 highest) in the catagory of
    a.) population
    b.) fun
    c.) updates
  2. Zaphkyel

    Zaphkyel Lurking around in stealth mode. Staff Member

    1. I would love to still see my chars around. :D an upgrade would be nice, but if there are no open source emulators out there for Cata... I doubt there will be any chance of getting Cata. A new strategy in getting population might be the hardest thing to be done, the auction bot was an interesting addition I liked very much, there are lots of quests that need fixing, as you know, and overall some work needs to be done to pt the Den back on a suitable place. I for one have fond memories about the server and would love to see it returned to its great glory...

    2. a) 1
    b) 6
    c) 1
  3. Luminos

    Luminos New Member

    i am still lurking around :p
  4. Wolfman310896

    Wolfman310896 Hellhound

    Honestly i still believe keeping the server on 3.3.5 is the right choice :3 Every other server moved to Cata/Mists and i don't really like them. I believe that there are other people that would agree with me. The population is a temporary problem and after the Beta i believe we'll enjoy a decent population on the server with proper advertising.

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