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Discussion in 'The WoW Servers' started by Bionuclear, Apr 11, 2013.

  1. Bionuclear

    Bionuclear Lord of the End Times Staff Member

    The old Den. Is no more.

    The votes were tallied. The rates were changed.

    A new Den, is born!

    With our new reboot of the den, under the new management of Staff members Ash and Darthas along with consideration from other former staff members and players. We (The new community managers and players) hope to bring a new direction to our old home for WoW. We are bringing more of a challenging leveling environment to the world, while at the same time, balancing for smaller raid groups. Custom donor gear no longer exists in favor of a balanced environment, while some of the custom scripts manufactured by KingPin will still be in use. We would love to have feedback from the community to help better the server.

    To both new and old members of the community, I bid thee welcome! to the new DEN!

    ~Den Staff Member

    Darthas Blightcaller
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    • DevArmaya

      DevArmaya God among Men

      ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME, all my characters.... all my gear.... Everything is gone? SERIOUSLY!?!?!
    • Jason

      Jason KPsN Staff Staff Member

      Hello dev, yes all gone for now.
    • Luminos

      Luminos New Member

      and yet the jason survives .. how wonderfull :p
    • aydinz

      aydinz Private

      Is it still 3.3.5 with the same serverinfo?
    • aydinz

      aydinz Private

      Because I was hoping we would receive some more recent patch with the rebirth :)
    • L4w3s

      L4w3s New Member

      Anyone know how I can get a password reset for my in-game account, can't seem to find the right username/password for my account :/

      EDIT: I think my account may have been deleted as I have tried every possible username/password combo I have ever used... but nevertheless I have created a new account :p and Shamora is back!
    • jeremypwrs

      jeremypwrs Private

      Sooooo, basically, you deleted everyone's accounts (all the long time players like myself, and people who donated money for rewards), wiped the server, reset all rates and commands, NPCs, and took everything that made the Den a funserver out... and you're doing what exactly for compensation? I invested time for almost 6 years, was playing just a few days ago, and now all the hard work, gold earned, guilds established all gone... because someone voted? This is really sad.

      It's not like the server had seen much activity as of late, but this really puts me off. I had stuck around because of time invested, but now that's all gone I think I'm going to start looking elsewhere for another server... I'm really sad and disappointed in what you've done to all of our time and effort as players, wish you would have thought about that.
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      • shek

        shek idontcareireallydont

        Well I got too much shit for my custom weapons anyway. Shek likes this.
      • Bionuclear

        Bionuclear Lord of the End Times Staff Member

        For all of you players who have been with us for all these years and have invested time and money into your accounts, i would like to let you know that you will be compensated for your time on the den. As h and I are still in the process of setting things up and getting things online, so it will be a bit, but it WILL happen. We needed a fresh start. unfortunately the accounts could not be saved for 3 primary reasons. 1) names - the DB was full of player names from toons that haven't been touched in nearly 4 years and As h and I both felt that it would be appropriate to clear up these names for future players to use. 2.) custom gear - the DB was full of items that are now, no longer apart of the game. this could potently have messed with clients as well as the server, so we decided it would be better for the wipe. 3) some clients experienced glitches with there accounts that were never able to be fixed (spells/stat glitches/etc.) Drew Scott i understand where you are coming from. I myself, lost toons that i have had on the den since the first year of its creation. we hope you do come back to us and start off fresh along with giving us input along the way. we knew this would have a major effect on the old players, but we also knew it was a necessary evil in order to create a better world. we hope you join us and help create a better world as well!

        yes the server info is the same

        at jer:I feel you man, this coming from an old time vet such as myself. I had more then a few accounts filled to the brim with toons that were completely decked out from head to toe.. was i sad to see them go, yes, but i am also excited to see a fresh new server, with players that will be on par with one another rather then roving gods as As h likes to put it.. alot of the commands will be brought back in one form or another and we will be creating more of a challenging leveling environment with an easier lower pop raid climate. people hate change and we do understand this, but unfortunately the old den, was already dead, we just sealed the coffin and sent it on its way.. hopefully this fresh start will be the beginning of things to come for a better world of wow
      • DevArmaya

        DevArmaya God among Men

        just call me Dev ok Bio ;-)

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