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[PC] Free texas holdem poker

Discussion in 'Gaming haven' started by KingPinX, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. KingPin

    KingPin Administrator Staff Member

    Free texas holdem poker

    Poker is a fun game! and its even more fun with its with other friends. however not everyone can up and goto a friends house and play poker at whatever time, so online poker is the next best thing! however that has its drawbacks too :) too many sites are illegal, or are spam ridden, or have too many ads or idiot players. We now have out own poker server! Come play poker with your friends :) its free, there is no money involved and its fun! follow these steps :

    • Download client
    • Install it
    • Run the game
    • goto settings menu and click on configure pokerth
    • Make sure your internet settings look like the following : [​IMG]
      the settings in yellow are optional! and settings in green are mandatory!
    • Click ok
    • Click Internet game like this pic points out! [​IMG]
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    • Zangetsu

      Zangetsu Altar Ibn La-Asad

      Nice idea KP... Kicked yer ass a couple of times already xD
    • KingPin

      KingPin Administrator Staff Member

      Client updated :) please redownload and install
    • Mucak

      Mucak KPsN Forum Staff

      idk how to play texas holdem xD
    • KingPin

      KingPin Administrator Staff Member

      updated to .7 beta 2
    • KingPin

      KingPin Administrator Staff Member

      beta client linked and server updated
    • moujin

      moujin 化け物

      Are you still running this thing, KP?
    • KingPin

      KingPin Administrator Staff Member

      Our free texas holdem Poker Server is back online check this post for more info :)

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