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[PC] Everquest

Discussion in 'Gaming haven' started by Kadolyn, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. Kadolyn

    Kadolyn Helper extraordinaire!


    So anyone play EQ?

    Even tho I play on here, I also play retail EQ. In fact, I belong to a hardcore raiding guild on the Xegony server called Machin Shin. Last I checked, we were #5 serverwide. :wav:
    My character name here is the same as there.

    So anyone else play? If so, what server? And do you play casually or hardcore or what? Just curious if we know anyone that plays
  2. KingPin

    KingPin Administrator Staff Member

    never played it, but have been looking into the EQemu for it :)
  3. khaoslord

    khaoslord Supporter!

    I would actually play if you started a server for it KP. I used to play EQ back whenit first came out. I would spawn right into the middle of a mob and couldn't get out of it or change spawns so I quit playing.
  4. moujin

    moujin 化け物

    Still have my press account. :)

    Last time I played was when Gates of Discord was released. Been playing since Beta 3 and wasted many years of my life on that damn game, lol.

    Started on Bristlebane and then moved to the Innoruuk server.

    The emulator is very good. Practically retail. I've been talking KP into running it. We'll see what happens. You can pick up the Seeds of Destruction client on Steam for $19.99 now. They had a sale two weeks ago where it was only $2.50. Yes, $2.50. If you plan on playing the emulated server, I highly recommend picking it up as $20 is still damn cheap for this game. The emulator supports the SoD client as well.
  5. Ichibod

    Ichibod Private

    Played it for many years, both retail (Bertoxx. hardcode raiding guild) and EQEmu... finally decided to create my own private server and ran it successfully for over a year... hardware restrictions finally made me give my server up, but if one starts then I'd be willing to help out anyway possible.
  6. Imskel

    Imskel Weapons and Armor

    god Evercrack was the first Online game i played, i got so into it i had duel accounts
  7. cmoabob

    cmoabob Supporter!

    Yep, same here: from Beta to I-forget-how-many-expansions-later. Well, until I got onto WoW Beta and quit EQ.
    My ex-guild is still thriving from what I hear, even after a server merge (Tholuxe-Paells with another which changed the name).
  8. khaoslord

    khaoslord Supporter!

    My first online game was Neverwinter Nights back when it was a first person dungeon crawler on AOL.

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