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[PC] Blizzard is making it harder and harder for private servers.

Discussion in 'Gaming haven' started by cisiu, Nov 29, 2009.

  1. cisiu

    cisiu Bandwidth Burner!

    Blizzard is making it harder and harder for private servers.

    As title said.
    Along with patch 3.3 on global comes more and more hardly-scripted instances.

    -Forge of Souls
    -Pit of Saron
    -Halls of reflection

    Well, we are not *yet* in that 'danger' since we are 3.1.3, but well, hard times are coming for private servers devs.
  2. Lust

    Lust The Deadliest Sin

    I'm sure they're will be some workaround of sorts before they're able to get the actual script in there, but yeah. I've seen a lot of *fancy* stuffs in 3.3. I'm most certain it'll be bug central for the first few weeks/months/aeons.

    This is me being optimistic.

  3. cisiu

    cisiu Bandwidth Burner!

    And thats me being optimistic. ;)
  4. vohrtechs

    vohrtechs Moo000oooooO

    Someone should make an RPG game that entails your character being a dev trying to keep up with the latest blizz patch.

    " Inventory works again " QUEST COMPLETE - 1200 XP *LEVEL UP*

    " Server 50% Uptime " QUEST COMPLETE - 4000 XP *LEVEL UP*
  5. cisiu

    cisiu Bandwidth Burner!

    Lol, that would work great for achievements like "get 90% uptime" or "stay online for 6 hours without a crash" ;)

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