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Den !! New Command .rate Variable Exp !!

Discussion in 'The WoW Servers' started by AzraDark, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. AzraDark

    AzraDark *grope grope*

    EDIT: stickied, and the Command is now live (2/15)

    The multiplier will vary from 0 (stop xp) to 15 (wow!) and the xp rates will work as follows.

    So you kill something which you would normally get 400xp for.
    first you get xp * heirloom pieces (20%)..
    than xp * vip multipiler..
    than xp * your personal xp rate.

    Syntax =
    .rate account n
    which will effect all characters, present and future on that account -or-
    .rate char n
    which will effect only the character which one is on when typed
    whereas 'n' above = any whole number from 0-15 (for VIP there is also an inherent 2x multiplier)

    As you can see, if you have heirloom + yourXPmultiplier is 15x + you have VIP..
    i figure the following.
    you kill a bore in the orc starting area gives you 40xp.
    40*20%(heirloom) = 56 * vip which is 2.0x? = 112xp * your multiplier(15) = 1680xp.
    If you have the Don Ring, it will give you 30%.
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    • GM Ash

      GM Ash Ceiling Cat Staff Member

      This probably needs some "world spam" introduced for new or returning players.

      Perhaps every ten to thirty minutes the Den can get a world announcement of exactly how players can set their own exp rate? We may want to discourage the use of togglexp or zero entries to avoid confusion, tickets, or yeah- gotta say it-- a cheap laff at someone else's expense. ^^ Thank You
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      • KingPin

        KingPin Administrator Staff Member

        even better :) on every login the server now tells you your current XP rate and how to change the rate. also every time you level below level 20 you will get the same info.
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        • cmoabob

          cmoabob Supporter!

          I believe ".rate char X" is the new command...
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          • Hambooger

            Hambooger New Member

            *Idea* make it so you can change rate on website, so when new comers are registering they can set it there so it's less confusing. But no complaints on my part, I think the new system works perfectly.
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            • cmoabob

              cmoabob Supporter!

              But in-game is probably easier when you have multiple chars/accounts.
            • KingPin

              KingPin Administrator Staff Member

              hard to set it during signup since there are no IDs created at that point, char or account. all that is generated after you are done signing up. :)
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              • Bionuclear

                Bionuclear Lord of the End Times Staff Member

                is there a possibility of setting something up like that in the CP?
              • insaneozzie

                insaneozzie New Member

                sounds great, i agree with cp idea, but meh, people must use there brains at some point lol .. hmm maybe not, loss for them eh ? :p
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                • cmoabob

                  cmoabob Supporter!

                  Dear insaneozzie, welcome to The Den.*

                  Unfortunately, since the most recent zombie infestation in these parts, brains have joined the dodo bird on the infamous "List of things not found 'round here anymore".


                  *This is an automated response to a seemingly sentient presence on our forum.
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                  • insaneozzie

                    insaneozzie New Member

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