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Mounts, Crashes and Newbies

Discussion in 'The WoW Servers' started by Krypt, Oct 31, 2006.

  1. Krypt

    Krypt Lance Corporal

    Hey there -

    I'm new to your server, love the lag free environment.

    I was wondering how we go about getting mounts?

    The vendors appear to offer the new 'riding' at apprentice - but the mounts are on the old system (racial specific)

    Also, the server crashes frequently - just curious if a fix is in the works?

    THanks, great server.

    Odd not sure if my edit saved - but how does one progress to 255 from 60? A high level mob zone?
  2. KingPin

    KingPin Administrator Staff Member

    I have done nothing but work on the crash fix today but the server system is quiet unstable (as said countless times on their forums but i didnt listen when i figured lets try it anyway) so Im trying to find a way to reduce the crashes. i will post more info soon as I can.
  3. Krypt

    Krypt Lance Corporal

    Thanks Kingpin, if we can help at all - not sure what I can do but I'd be willing :D
  4. KingPin

    KingPin Administrator Staff Member

    not yet, once the crashes are fixed then soon.
  5. Krypt

    Krypt Lance Corporal

    oh, you mean soon about the mounts? Saw someone ride by on a frostwolf mount, assume those are working for all horde?
  6. Dajomaa

    Dajomaa Private

    Just to throw my 2 cents in, great server.
  7. KingPin

    KingPin Administrator Staff Member

    thank you :D i wish it would stay online tho lol...)
  8. Dajomaa

    Dajomaa Private

    Meh, things happen. Besides the crashing, this is a fun place.....better and much less bugs than other servers out there.
  9. Death

    Death notsuoh

    Yup, KingPin keeps an army of dedicated Chinese workers in his basement, so be thankful.

    Mounts should be as Retail, you gain the level, you pain for the training, then you buy the mount. Unless KingPin updated it, it should work, as it has worked fine for me!

    Crashes suck! :D.
  10. KingPin

    KingPin Administrator Staff Member

    dedicated chinese worked? you azn you been sniffing glue again? but otherwise he is porbably right..
  11. Krypt

    Krypt Lance Corporal

    Well no, the riding skills say "apprentice riding" for example, when all mounts I've seen require for example "undead horsemanship" which when purchased, renders the mount useless. Same as on Walldor/Fundor
  12. cmoabob

    cmoabob Supporter!

    Digging up the first ever thread on The Den forums...

    That should earn me that Uber Necro Poster Achievement, shouldn't it?

    Rats, it doesn't exist ; p
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    • cmoabob

      cmoabob Supporter!

      Thanks, Bio!
      Guess that makes it official : )

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