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Mass Effect 3 Modded Coalesced.bin

Discussion in 'Gaming haven' started by KingPin, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. KingPin

    KingPin Administrator Staff Member

    Heres a modded Coalesced.bin with following changes :

    • Weight limit fixed to allow -200% cooldown no matter what weapon used.
    • All armor unlocked, each piece gives +10% to each armor category.
    • Each unique armor set has +50 to each armor category.
    • Level 60 with extra talent points.
    • No Reload and no ammo limit on almost any weapon.
    • Ship doesnt use fuel :) (what a useless part of the game)
    • Scanning once detects all available objects in sector and scanning sector doesn't attract reapers.
    • interactive object distance increased.
    • Increased planet rotation speed during scanning.
    • All bonus powers unlocked.
    file goes in Mass Effect 3\BIOGame\CookedPCConsole\
    just extract the zip and put the .bin file there. DONT EXTRACT THE .bin FILE.
    Make sure to back up your original. or get the ones below and remove the _orig part.

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  2. Pippin

    Pippin Minecraft!

  3. Ucil

    Ucil Supporter!

    Yup, I'll go with this.

    Also, I read something that said achieving the best ending for ME3 was not possible without doing the multiplayer. Any idea what they were referring to and if it's something to modify in Coalesced.bin? ( I have the coalesced reading/modding program already)

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