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Looking To Set Up A Psp-section For The Kpsn-community

Discussion in 'Gaming haven' started by Sindustry, Apr 23, 2011.

  1. Sindustry

    Sindustry New Member

    The playstation portable has numerous ad-hoc and online games that many people go without playing, so figured a section for them would be useful.

    "But how do you play localized multiplayer through the internet?"

    XLink Kai offers an invaluable service to provide such a wonderful gaming experience.

    It is a very simple setup, run the installer and register an Xtag on their website.

    Any troubleshooting issues can be dealt with through their forums, or FAQ page.

    I have experience with this program, and how valuable it can be by unlocking a long-forgotten feature of a Playstation Portable.

    Unsure if this works with custom firmware, more than likely it will. Does work with OFW and OFW-signed games.(You didn't hear that from me.)

    XTag: Sinful_Chris

    Xlink Compatible Games I own:
    Tactics Ogre: Let us Cling Together
    Monster Hunter Freedom Unite(Easily the best improvement through this XLink Kai, single-player is boring, but get 4 people rocking some nasty beasts, it changes the gameplay.
    Patapon 3
    Pixeljunk Monsters
  2. KingPin

    KingPin Administrator Staff Member

    what verison of PSP do you have? i still rock the phat 1000, love it!
  3. Sindustry

    Sindustry New Member

    Ol' Skinny 2000, fits me fine and can take some serious abuse.
  4. KingPin

    KingPin Administrator Staff Member

    hell yes! I loved having psptube on mine. before i got my android phone my psp was the entertainment center :) mp3s + youtube + ebook reader....
  5. Sindustry

    Sindustry New Member

    I just recently discovered a few new tricks for mine. (Broke my last 2000 by bricking it when I tried to solder a pandora battery.)

    A non-modding/hacking, no CFW needed trick to, expand your gaming experience, shoot me a PM if your interested, since its a bit devious for open-chat, lol. ;)
  6. KingPin

    KingPin Administrator Staff Member

    lol ok. I ended up getting a pandora off ebay way back when....
  7. Sindustry

    Sindustry New Member

    No need for it now, thanks to advances in OFW-signed gaming.

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