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Katiaa's Revalation: Read If You Care A Little About Me.

Discussion in 'The WoW Servers' started by Wolfman310896, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. Wolfman310896

    Wolfman310896 Hellhound

    I don't know from where to sart...
    In this thread i will say what i want to say for every of the people i liked on The Den and the people that didn't like me more or less for some reason. I know you to know my oppinion and have some conclusions about me. I swear i wont lie so noone thinks im gona give out false information.
    Most of all always my favorites on the server were: KingPin, Sicarius, Irae, Holybeard, Lilynette and from not much time ago Luminos. These people were always nice to me and expetionaly KingPin if it wasnt him i would not be on The Den, in the staff or be GM... There are lot other people that i liked too bad they didn't like me... For example i always wanted to be in good relationships with fallenone as he was that kind of cool and silant guys you dont know anything about but you think they would be great friends if you have the chance to be in friendship with them. Rhaine... well i think our relationships are lot better from the times in the past, and i like him a lot he is from the mature kind guys... Jonus i dont know what happened i tryed to explain you you just ignored and didnt accept my appology. I'm sorry im going to say this but i realy liked you, we were in good relationships and you acted like kid, and for some stupid reason you now hate me... for real even more then Fallenone or Lucrenda does who i belive has more reason to hate aswell as fallen. Now i dislike you...
    Willy you were always cool with me and you might think i was near you caus of the dens you couldev gave to me but the truth was you were honest, cool and always in good mood like never was realy mad on me or atleast you forgive when i mess up thats something other people cant do.
    JASON => Special for you: You were extremely patiant with me... more than i deserved... We had bad start when you banned me and i insulted you there, but after that things changed and i started to like you. You were mature always kind and whatever they say to you whatever you have done you were with good tone and always calm. I liked that and i'm sorry i dissapointed you so much times....
    Dave, if you read this i wana tell you that you were one of the guys i started to like in less time... Im sorry we didnt spoke much... I could learn a lot from you about diferent people, speak in french and share some information in cool discutions :) (And BTW :3 is butface not catface :p)
    Corb you were the reason i wanted to become GM... I'ts cool that i know people like you that can give out motivation for that kind of stuff.
    Soulstealer you were great friend :D Will keep contact with you man! :3
    Darthas well we dont know much each other but you teached me a lot and i like sparing time with you.
    Stealthguy i know you were hacker but you stopped and you deserve forgivness :)
    Zaphkyel lol i dont have much to say about you except we had great relationships with you few months after i got unbanned but after that you went off for long time and things changed.
    Xdisfigured, you are cool guy... from times to times. I liked you. You were awesome guy then one day: you started to hate me caus of my brother and i tryed to fix the hole in our relationships but without result... Also making yourself on fraggle... well you are not :D
    Speaking of Fraggles guys you are awesome and i gota confess this :) Ponyboy Hamburgaler and Whatthe you always made me laugh always :p With all your dumb jokes even breaking the rules and sapping me in the arena lol good times. As Taco said: you just know how to have fun :)
    Krratos im sorry we didn't met earlyer and spoke as you turned out great friend :)
    Lucrenda LOL you were one of my best friends and i liked you and i spoke only good things... until you came back and started to act like ***hole... Seriously dont leave the server. Find the reason in you and change it :)
    Kuna is not my brother... He is my best friend and we are realy like brothers but we are not.
    Degvil, Lhena WOW you were awesome people whatever the rest say for you.
    Takolambe i dont like when you are around me when you can earn something but meanwile stabbing me in the back. Like in one of Pantera's text sais: fa
    You want in to get under my skin
    And call yourself a friend
    I've got more friends like you.
    What do I do?
    AzraDark dont know you much but you were nice with me too.
    Drfeelgood idk if you can read this still but you were cool with me too. You learned me what paladin is man lol.
    You might think there werent much people i didnt like and its true i liked most of the server.
    Irae we had good times in the beggining but what happened ? You just started to ask me what do you want when i say hello... Not like i have asked you for before :) Thanks for the dens for the shield BTW. I would never get it if it wasnt you.
    Lilynette we had great time too but things changed you left the server etc.
    Same for Holybeard.
    Insane well we didnt spoke much but i always liked you. You invited me to the hive, helped me a lot, defended me from the fraggles not 1 time :D I know i made you mad lots of times please forgive me.
    Pippin hey ho i <3 you man! You teached me how to use IRC, how to apply for GM etc. You were the Hexlord. The first event i won it was your's :)
    Sicarius you wont read this probably but Thank you for everything man! You are like Luminos... Even if the whoal server hates me you still are cool with me THANK YOU!
    Spiderpig gave me his accounts indeed. 3 other people did too but i havent asked them for it.
    I gave my account to Keitlin indeed. KingPin try to restore her items please :) It would be cool. She didn't gave her password to anyone. This guy with the account Nesravnim he realy deleted her stuff and probably hacked her account as no1 gave it to him...
    Farrol you are good guy. Good luck with becoming GM :)
    BTW Luminos will be good GM indeed. Jason, KingPin think of it when you can please :)
    Lkado, Chincho is cool persone... kinda dumb but she is real friend. Hold her tight :D
    Kronas you know where to find me and what i think about you.
    Jason, Kesendra is still playing on The Den and on the MC server too.
    Spots i thought you hated me all this time but seems you did not... You just did your job and you were better man then i thought.
    I think i said something for everybody. Im gona give all of my denariuses to people that need them more or less... I stop playing on The Den. I will stay only as GM so my player and man's feelings and thoughts about the others dont mess up with my job caus i wanted lucrenda banned long time before he got the bann and i was gathering info for him being racist or rude to other players like: 06:14 <DenBot> Syleviana [80]: fuck oyu turk
    00:45 <DenBot> Lucrenda [80]: Look in my assss maybe u will find some
    If i don't get kicked from staff after this thread i will stay as GM indeed but i can have my time to rethink of things and most of all: Will make the server better place not only with caching hackers but giving good example to people and leaving the server :D I know a lot of people think the server will be better place without me :)
    Thank you all for reading this and im sorry for the torture i bring to you with so long thread :D
    Have a nice game play and dont be rude to each other.
    We are all humans!

    Katiaa/ Todor Rogoshev, the man without fear to say what he got to say.
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    • stealth*

      stealth* New Member

      omg man i never use that shit in game :c
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      • Jason

        Jason KPsN Staff Staff Member

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        • Valandhir

          Valandhir Supporters

          Hello Katiaa,

          I am really sorry for the "What do you want" moment. I had not even been sure it was you! I try to remember which charas are yours but there are so many! I know Katiaa, Exodar, Volgar, Druzza and anything about WCs.... but not all of them. And recently I had a bad streak with people trying to group me, and when I ask them why, I get weird answers. So the day I reacted like that, I was short on my patience.

          I am very very sorry about that, my friend, I did not mean to hurt you.

          Can you be very patient with me this week and the next? For right now I am not alone when playing, and my favourite watcher gets bored if I just sit around and chat with people instead of kicking ass somewhere.

          I would really hate to loose your friendship, Katiaa, you taught me what I know about raids and got me into raid groups, made me actually go to ICC. :D I still hate the Professor...


          I will try to recognize you in whatever character you are around.

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          • Wolfman310896

            Wolfman310896 Hellhound

          • xdisfigured

            xdisfigured Private E-2

            Cool story bro.
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            • DevArmaya

              DevArmaya God among Men

              I got about 2 lines into the broken English and gave up.
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              • this. is. hilarious.
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                • Farrol

                  Farrol New Member

                  OMG you called my guy!!! Your such a fraggle <3 lol
                • Wolfman310896

                  Wolfman310896 Hellhound

                  omg farrol epic pic XD
                • AzraDark

                  AzraDark *grope grope*

                  I shoulda invited you over for tea and crumpets...mind you i do not like either..
                  I have some rootbeers. :)
                • Hambooger

                  Hambooger New Member

                  reading that gave me heartburn
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                  • nomad

                    nomad Private E-2

                    i was not mentioned in there once....im hurt
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                    • cmoabob

                      cmoabob Supporter!

                      With so many chars hiding behind so many accounts, unless you know players in real life, most most of us don't know with whom we're talking/grouping...
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