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Den Icc Changed?

Discussion in 'The WoW Servers' started by cmoabob, Sep 26, 2012.

  1. cmoabob

    cmoabob Supporter!

    Deaked into ICC with a donor-geared char who wasn't faction-maxed to clear entrance trash...

    Lo and behold, I got squished a few times by mobs with over 300k hp (the big skeletons had something like 1.3 G hp!!!).

    I had everything set at 10-man normal, DGA buff up, the works and I could barely hold my own.

    Tried with another char on another account with the same set-up and the result was the same.

    Funny thing is when i killed a mob, it's hp came back to normal (see screen shots below).

  2. cmoabob

    cmoabob Supporter!

    And the mob's hp (the amount it should have in normal mode) after it was deaded...

    View attachment 319 ScreenShot_092612_092717.
  3. cmoabob

    cmoabob Supporter!

    Oops, just realized the second SS shows the mana it had, not the hp, sorry!
  4. cmoabob

    cmoabob Supporter!

    BTW, I'ved cleared this solo in 25-man mode many a time without breaking a sweat...

    Even soloed it in 10-man Heroic mode with a warlock.

    Never even came close to being this hard.
  5. Bionuclear

    Bionuclear Lord of the End Times Staff Member

    2 things. 1.) AI is currently off. 2.) the custom dungeon system we use to modify the scale of which an NPC's HP, mana, difficulty is currently down (until we can get our new rates).

    expect ICC to be on par with normal blizzard until it is changed back. It will be very difficult and most likely unable to solo, so if u go in there, go with a team.
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    • cmoabob

      cmoabob Supporter!

      Finally managed a solo clear of entrance trash.
      Just had to pull singles instead of the usual bunches.
      Those two giant skeletons were kinda hairy though.
    • cmoabob

      cmoabob Supporter!

      LOL Just noticed I had the almost very same question last May : )

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