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[faq] Completable Dungeon Instances List (work In Progress)

Discussion in 'The WoW Servers' started by jakalecax, Dec 10, 2011.

  1. jakalecax

    jakalecax Member

    Alot of visitors to our server ask which instances are working or not; they likely come from other private servers which have gone defunct, either due to abandonment or update, and they are searching for a new home.

    We are running a custom branch of TC2 here from what I gather, and my guildmates and I have noticed a few fixes here and there and some omissions in the instances that we have run.

    So here begins a multi-week-long project of what is or isn't working for each dungeon instance on The Den, organized by Era.

    Comments welcome and appreciated.

    [PH] Total Number of Instances; not sure if I'll count Heroic instances separately or not yet

    1.x Classic WoW - Azeroth (1.1.0 up to 1.12.2) http://old.wowhead.com/zones=2.0

    21 - 24 5-player Dungeon
    53 - 56 5-player Dungeon
    57 - 63 5-player Dungeon
    Dire Maul 66% *** Still needs significant work ***
    55 - 65 5-player Dungeon
    25 - 28 5-player Dungeon
    45 - 48 5-player Dungeon
    15 - 16 5-player Dungeon
    34 - 37 5-player Dungeon
    24 - 27 5-player Dungeon
    32 - 35 5-player Dungeon
    55 - 65 5-player Dungeon
    18 - 21 5-player Dungeon
    55 - 65 5-player Dungeon
    47 - 50 5-player Dungeon
    17 - 20 5-player Dungeon
    22 - 25 5-player Dungeon
    37 - 40 5-player Dungeon
    17 - 20 5-player Dungeon
    43 - 46 5-player Dungeon

    2.x The Burning Crusade (2.0.1 to 2.4.3) http://old.wowhead.com/zones=2.1

    Auchindoun: Auchenai Crypts 95% Completable
    65 - 67 5-player Dungeon
    Auchindoun: Mana-Tombs 95% Completable
    64 - 66 5-player Dungeon
    Auchindoun: Sethekk Halls 99% Completable, Quests completable in Regular mode Only​
    67 - 68 5-player Dungeon
    Auchindoun: Shadow Labyrinth 99% Completable, some minor defects
    67 - 75 5-player Dungeon
    Caverns of Time: Old Hillsbrad Foothills 90% Completable, lots of small defects
    66 - 68 5-player Dungeon
    Caverns of Time: The Black Morass 90% Completable, Timing wrong on most portals
    68 - 75 5-player Dungeon
    62 - 64 5-player Dungeon
    67 - 75 5-player Dungeon
    63 - 65 5-player Dungeon
    59 - 62 5-player Dungeon
    61 - 63 5-player Dungeon
    67 - 75 5-player Dungeon
    68 - 75 5-player Dungeon
    68 - 75 5-player Dungeon
    67 - 75 5-player Dungeon
    67 - 75 5-player Dungeon

    ALL HEROIC INSTANCES: The "trash mobs" will drop Gold, but no items or recipes. --5%(+)

    Auchindoun: Auchenai Crypts 90% Completable, but quests not doable in Heroic Mode
    70-80 5-player Dungeon
    Auchindoun: Mana-Tombs 90% Completable, Yor not spawned or summonable
    70-80 5-player Dungeon
    Auchindoun: Sethekk Halls 96% Completable, Anzu spawnable; mount too rare
    70-80 5-player Dungeon
    Auchindoun: Shadow Labyrinth 95% Completable, small defects are more noticeable
    70-80 5-player Dungeon
    70-80 5-player Dungeon
    70-80 5-player Dungeon
    70-80 5-player Dungeon
    70-80 5-player Dungeon
    70-80 5-player Dungeon
    70-80 5-player Dungeon
    70-80 5-player Dungeon
    Hellfire Citadel: The Shattered Halls 90% Completable, Porung up, Netherkurse lootless
    70-80 5-player Dungeon
    Magisters' Terrace 90% Completeable, but noticeable annoying defects abound
    70-80 5-player Dungeon
    70-80 5-player Dungeon
    70-80 5-player Dungeon
    Tempest Keep: The Mechanar 80% Completable, no Cache of the Legion or Key to it
    70-80 5-player Dungeon

    3.x Wrath of the Lich King (3.0.2 to 3.3.5a) http://old.wowhead.com/zones=2.2

    73 - 75 5-player Dungeon
    72 - 74 5-player Dungeon
    79 - 80 5-player Dungeon
    79 - 80 5-player Dungeon
    74 - 76 5-player Dungeon
    76 - 78 5-player Dungeon
    79 - 80 5-player Dungeon
    79 - 80 5-player Dungeon
    79 - 80 5-player Dungeon
    71 - 73 5-player Dungeon
    79 - 80 5-player Dungeon
    75 - 77 5-player Dungeon
    79 - 80 5-player Dungeon
    77 - 79 5-player Dungeon
    69 - 72 5-player Dungeon
    79 - 80 5-player Dungeon

    80 5-player Dungeon
    80 5-player Dungeon
    80 5-player Dungeon
    80 5-player Dungeon
    80 5-player Dungeon
    80 5-player Dungeon
    80 5-player Dungeon
    80 5-player Dungeon
    80 5-player Dungeon
    80 5-player Dungeon
    80 5-player Dungeon
    80 5-player Dungeon
    80 5-player Dungeon
    80 5-player Dungeon
    80 5-player Dungeon
    80 5-player Dungeon

    [PH] Total Number of Tested Instances/Grand Total
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    • jakalecax

      jakalecax Member

      Ragefire Chasm, 100% (6) Quests [H], 4/4 bosses, achievement credit
      Jergosh the Invoker
      Taragaman the Hungerer - triggers achievement credit

      Razorfen Downs, 80% (6/7) Quests [H/A], 4/5 bosses, achievement credit, missing rare
      Henry Stern teaches Goldthorn Tea recipe
      Mordresh Fire Eye
      Amnennar the Coldbringer - triggers achievement credit
      Tuten'kash - gong works as on retail; 3 waves, one per click of the GO
      Plaguemaw the Rotting (boss) not triggerable b/c
      Quest "Extinguishing the Idol" is not scripted; NPC Belnistrasz (ID# 8516) has no way points and is not the quest completer of QUEST ID# 3525 (it is supposed to be the GO "fire brazier" or something- which spawns at the end of the script IF Belnistrasz is still alive). Could shoe-string fix this by making NPC 8516 the completer of QUEST 3525.. and instant hand-in for a nice level 40-ish melee rare (blue) quality ring "Dragonclaw Ring" http://old.wowhead.com/item=10710
      Ragglesnout (rare) absent in every instance reset tested by me

      Razorfen Kraul, 75% (9?/9) Quests [H/A, Warrior, Escort], 5/6 bosses, 1/2 rares, achievement credit
      Aggem Thorncurse
      Death Speaker Jargba
      Overlord Ramtusk, flanked by 2x Razorfen Spearhide (rare) NPCs
      Razorfen Stalkers (NPC 6035) not stealthed (should be innate global Rogue NPC ai_agent), backstab not tested
      Earthcaller Halmgar (rare) (NPC 4842) not seen
      Death's Head Ward Keepers (NPC 4625) upon being slain do not open the GO "swirly gate" that allows access to Agathelos the Raging's chamber
      Agathelos the Raging not accessable without using class/game exploit (charge/blink/etc)
      Blind Hunter (rare) spawned and itemized
      Charlga Razorflank - triggers achievement credit
      Willix the Importer quest fully scripted and working 100%
      Roogug (NPC 6168) and related Warrior only quest NOT checked
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      • Valandhir

        Valandhir Supporters

        First - let me say it's a great thing you are doing here. :D

        Unfortunately I can't contribute much to you project. I know I was able to do the "Classic Dungeonmaster" (http://www.wowhead.com/achievement=1283/classic-dungeonmaster) achievement on two toons, and that most of the dungeon credit works in Outland as well.

        In Blood furnace (http://www.wowhead.com/zone=3713/the-blood-furnace) the whole encounter with Broggok (http://www.wowwiki.com/Broggok) is bugged, he can only be done, if someone can aggro him through the gate. Lever and script dont work.

        I think no one needs to mention that both Utgarde instances are on the fritz.
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        • cmoabob

          cmoabob Supporter!

          Jeepers, Jak, looks like your Saturday night was spent on making sure we have fun.
          Our apologies to your romantic interest (and our thanks to you, buddy!)

          EDIT : Ya know, me thinks Jakalecax's original post could/should probably be pinned somewhere and updated if/when instances are added to the list...
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          • jakalecax

            jakalecax Member

            Thanks Guys

            Here begins Day 2...

            Scarlet Monastery, 95% (15?/17 quests) [H/A, Mage] 5/5 bosses, achievement, 2/3 rares
            Interrogator Vishas
            Ironspine (rare)
            Fallen Champion (rare)
            Azshir the Sleepless (missing? rare)
            Bloodmage Thalnos - (boss) gives achievement credit
            Houndmaster Loksey
            Arcanist Doan - (boss) gives achievement credit
            Doan's Lockbox, yields only one key at a time, but respawns 6 seconds after being looted
            (no rare spawns)
            Herod (boss) gives achievement credit
            (no rares)
            High Inquisitor Whitemane (boss) - gives credit
            Scarlet Commander Mograine (boss) - gives credit
            High Inquisitor Fairbanks
            (no rares)

            Shadowfang Keep, 100% (6?/6) Quests [H/A Paladin, Warlock] 8/8 bosses, 1 rare spawn, achievement
            Deathstalker Adamant script works - opens locked courtyard door
            Razorclaw the Butcher
            Baron Silverlaine
            Commander Springvale
            Odo the Blindwatcher
            Deathsworn Captain (rare)
            Fenrus the Devourer
            Wolf Master Nando
            Archmage Arugal - triggers dungeon achievement

            Wailing Caverns, 96% (8/9) Quests [H/A] 9/9 bosses, 1/2 rare spawns
            Lady Anacondra (Fanglord "miniboss")
            Lord Cobrahn (miniboss)
            Trigore the Lasher (missing? rare)
            Lord Pythas (miniboss)
            Deviate Faerie Dragon (rare)
            Lord Serpentis (miniboss)
            Verdan the Everliving
            Disciple of Naralex - is scripted; All (4) Fanglords must be slain first, order does not matter
            Mutanus the Devourer - triggers dungeon achievement
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            • jakalecax

              jakalecax Member

              Blackfathom Deeps, 100% (16?/16) Quests [H/A, Paladin, Warlock] 8/8 bosses, achievement, no rare spawns
              Lady Sarevess
              Lorgus Jett - has not always given quest credit in the past; frustrating for groups
              Baron Aquanis
              Twilight Lord Kelris
              Altar script works as on retail; can even spam click the braziers to get all three waves of mobs
              Old Serra'kis
              Aku'mai - credit for achievement
              Clicking the "Altar" behind Gelihast and/or Aku'mai will bestow the one hour buff "Blessing of Blackfathom"

              Blackrock Depths, 78% (?/76) Quests, 19/24 bosses, missing 1x rare, achievement
              [KEY] Quest is working, players do NOT have to be dead to see/talk to Forgewright in his tomb
              [QUEST] Attunement to the Core (lvl 55+) works
              -Lord Roccor
              -Houndmaster Grebmar
              -High Interrogator Gerstahn - drops Prison Cell Key
              -Ring of Law - Scripted fairly well; random beasts/monsters and 1:6 minibosses
              -Pyromancer Loregrain ("rare" always spawned)
              -General Angerforge
              -Golem Lord Argelmach
              X__Ribbly Screwspigot = untriggerable, unattackable; faction ID wrong
              X__Hurley Blackbreath = untriggerable, damaging kegs has no scripted effect(s)
              -Plugger Spazzring, pickpocket works, but not killing; for Door Key
              *The only way to open the door behind Phalanx is to give Private Rocknot 6x Dark Iron Ales (sold by Plugger)
              -Lord Incendius
              -Fineous Darkvire - drops Ironfel if on key quest; rarely the Master Builder's Shirt
              Panzer (missing rare spawn)
              -Warder Stilgiss & Verek ("rares" always spawned)
              * Dark Keeper Portrait opens, but location of which 1/6 is spawned is not revealed on nameplate
              ** NONE of the Dark Keepers are spawned (should drop Dark Coffer Key 100% for the Vault)
              ---Dark Keeper Bethek (NPC# 9438)
              ---Dark Keeper Ofgut (9442)
              ---Dark Keeper Pelver (9443)
              ---Dark Keeper Uggel (9439)
              ---Dark Keeper Vorfalk (9437)
              ---Dark Keeper Zimrel (9441)
              The Vault = not scripted or completeable, golems always aggro, Dark Coffer not lootable
              *** Relic Coffer Doors are openable and consume a Relic Coffer Key but the GO's inside
              **** Relic Coffers http://www.wowhead.com/object=160836 are unlootable
              -Ambassador Flamelash
              -The Seven - completable but isn't fully Blizzlike
              ***** Gloom'r is always aggro, Smelt Dark Iron must be learned via GM ISLE quest
              ---Princess Moira Bronzebeard, is unkillable, evades and changes faction at zero health
              -Emperor Thaurissan - achievement credit

              Blackrock Spire, 53% Complete Overall (11/108) Quests
              [BUG] SOME yard trash NPCs in BRS respawn every 4-6 minutes instead of 4 hours
              [QUEST] Blackwing Lair Attunement is presently not completable on the Den; cannot get to General Drakkasith anymore

              Lower "LBRS", 96% (?/XX) Quests, 8/8 bosses, 6/8 rare spawns, achievement
              -Highlord Omokk, ** wrongly decreases Bloodsail Buccaneer faction by 5700 points! **
              Shadow Hunter Vosh'gajin
              -War Master Voone
              -Bannok Grimaxe (rare, drops Arcanite Reaper blacksmithing plans)
              Burning Felguard (missing rare Demon summoned by Scarshield Warlocks, NPC# 10263)
              -Mother Smolderweb
              -Crystal Fang (rare), spawned in wrong location but close; a few extra spider spawns
              -Urok Doomhowl, perma-spawned, challenge does not work; missing all nearby scorpion spawns
              -Quartermaster Zigris (rare, but not flagged as a rare)
              -Spirestone Battle Lord (rare)
              -Spirestone Butcher (rare)
              -Spirestone Lord Magus (rare)
              -Halycon, spawns outside her room are wrong, and missing orc patrol; too many worg pups
              -Gizrul the Slavener, wrongly perma-spawned; shold instead spawn when Halycon is slain
              Ghok Bashguud (missing rare)
              -Overlord Wyrmthalak - awards achievement credit; missing alot of area humanoid spawns
              ** [MAP] There is an area near Vaelin that is missing an invisible wall; possible for players to fall into an area which has no way out but warp, hearth, or falling death **
              *** [NPC] Scarshield Warlocks do not summon any minions, ai_agent issue ***
              **** [CONTENT] Worgs and Pups wrongly do NOT see thru stealth, needs flag set ****
              ***** [ITEM] REMOVE from drop table "Important Blackrock Documents" http://old.wowhead.com/item=12562 *****

              Upper "UBRS", 10% (?/XX) Quests, 1/5 bosses, 1/2 rares, missing NPCs, NO achievement
              [KEY] Problems, have been using BWL Raid Teleport to get into UBRS
              ** NOTE ** The Key is presently not needed since the doors are permanently set "open" however, there are several missing NPCs in the Dragonspire Hall area (first area); each "little room" should be populated with one or two Blackhand Summoners http://old.wowhead.com/npc=9818 and three or four other Blackhand Legion NPCs (5-6 NPCs total in each "room") when the group is successfully slain, the little "burning emblems" in the floor are supposed to extinguish (GO#### missing) and upon the successful clearing of these 7 rooms, the next two sets of doors (GO##### missing) should open, allowing players access to Pyroguard Emberseer's Staircase and Emberseer's room. One possible quick fix; set these second doors to perma-open also; that or remove them from the present live DB.
              [ACHIEVEMENT] "Leeeeeeeroy!" is completeable
              *Pyroguard Emberseer - only killable by charge/shadowstep classes, no entry to his room; on death does NOT open third or fourth set of doors; Altar of Blackrock correctly triggers spawning Pyroguard Emberseer, and a single player is allowed to trigger him here (on retail it still used to require 3+ players to click as of 3.3.5a, so the Emu is an improvement here over Blizz)
              ** Many missing Dragonkin NPCs in the Rookery (where Leeeeeeeroy! Achievement occurs)
              ?Goraluk Anvilcrack (important missing rare; drops armorsmithing manual)
              *** Many missing Orc/Dragonkin spawns in Anvilcrack's Room
              -Jed Runewatcher (rare)
              -Warchief Rend Blackhand = spawned but HP low (7k HP) and not scripted
              ?Gyth = Blackhand's Mount missing; not spawned and not scripted
              **** Players entering UBRS via the BWL raid teleport cannot progress past Gyth/blackhand's Room unless the can Charge/Shadowstep/Blink through the locked gate.
              ***** The UBRS dungeon achievement is presently uncompletable on the Den
              ?The Beast
              ?Finkle Einhorn
              ?Lord Valthalak
              ?General Drakkisath - cannot get through closed doors (not pickable/deformable/keyable or seaforium-able)
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              • jakalecax

                jakalecax Member

                Note: Day 3 was spent entirely on BRS, and will need another day; it's totally fubar there right now... not looking forward to the multiple wings of Dire Maul now either.

                EDIT: I'll be AFK tonight until Saturday afternoon, will finish LBRS then!
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                • Bionuclear

                  Bionuclear Lord of the End Times Staff Member

                  that place is a bitch. i remember it back from my days in retail when going after QS along with other items gearing up for BWL
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                  • AzraDark

                    AzraDark *grope grope*

                    i think most of wailing cavern is working, not sure what the % would be :)
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                    • jakalecax

                      jakalecax Member

                      Day 4 (BRS Continued): Finally finished with Blackrock Spire; it gets an "F" the zone is about 53% working overall, with UBRS not being fully completable, at this time.

                      Sethekk Halls, 100% (4/4) quests, 2/2 bosses, achievement
                      Sethekk Halls (Heroic), 66% Tested (4/5) quests, 2/3 bosses, achievement
                      Status of Anzu is TBD, must have a Druid on the Swift Flight Form quest (or who has completedmost of it) trigger this optional boss
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                      • jakalecax

                        jakalecax Member

                        Day 5 Incoming....

                        Dire Maul, 60% (XX/62) quests, 18/18 bosses, 1/2 rare spawns, YES achievement

                        [KEY] For now, the Crescent Key (Item# 18249) which allows access to Dire Maul's North Wing and to the Library Doors within is available on GM Isle (.warp go vend) upstairs, inside the main building, from the floating Goblin vendor "Elrohir Oronar" as a no-cost purchase. (Addendum: Since the "normal" way of obtaining the key has been fixed and works well, look for this option to disappear sometime in the future).

                        Pusillin ("chase" event is fully scripted, but a little buggy, players have to be patient talking to him)
                        * Pusillin's way points are off a bit, and he perhaps moves too fast for players to follow *
                        ** Many MANY missing NPC spawns on top level; dozens of Lashers and Treants absent **
                        *** Some Wildspawn demon NPCs missing on top level under Lethtendris's platform ***
                        -Lethtendris (no way points, is not tied to her pet's aggro table)
                        -Pimgib (Lethtendris' Imp, no way points, not linked to his boss's hate list)
                        -Zevrim Thornhoof (killed too fast to record sacrifice script or ability)
                        -Hydrospawn (correctly spawns two Hydroling adds, even if one-shotted)
                        Mushgog (rare Elemental, moved for Cataclysm 4.X into the Woodpaw Hills of Feralas)
                        Old Ironbark (is not scripted, has no dialogue template; but North Courtyard Door is "open")
                        **** Some missing Lasher spawns along Alzzin's ramps in the final "room" of the East Wing ****
                        (This means that encounters get easier instead of harder as players progress through DM!)
                        -Alzzin the Wildshaper (correctly shapeshifts, but has NO lasherling adds spawn during fight)
                        -"Isalien" perma-spawned behind Alzzin, correctly summons her pet (Dungeon 2 Armor Quest)
                        **** Felvine Shards are spawned and lootable for the "Shards of the Felvine" quest****
                        ***** Missing all Herb Nodes and Thorium/Rich Thorium Veins in East Wing *****

                        * Many MANY missing Ogres and Hounds spawns on main level around the North zoneline *
                        ** TC incorrectly deletes the keys necessary to fully complete a Tribute Run upon logout or zoning **
                        *** None of the hounds or NPCs in DM North see through stealth of any level ***
                        -Guard Mol'dar ( drops Gordok Inner Door Key http://old.wowhead.com/item=18268 )
                        -Stomper Kreeg (skipped attempting the "Tribute Run" to be crowned King)
                        -Guard Fengus ( Gordok Courtyard Key http://old.wowhead.com/item=18266 is looted from a GO Chest nearby )
                        -Guard Slip'kik (has wrong/no waypoints, Broken Trap consumes the Frost Oil and Thorium Widget)
                        -Captain Kromcrush (does NOT see through stealth, but should, iirc)
                        -King Gordok (killing him does not clear aggro from engaged NPCs or spawn Mizzle the Crafty)
                        -Cho'Rush the Observer (unfortunately forced to kill him, so Mizzle the Crafty never spawns)
                        **** Gordok Ogre Suit is obtainable, but useless ****
                        ***** Gordok Ogre Suit PATTERN, not obtainable by GM Leatherworkers *****
                        ****** Game Object 'A Dusty Tome' may be missing, unitemized http://www.wowhead.com/object=179547/a-dusty-tome ******

                        "If only King Gordok is killed, Cho'Rush the Observer will yell that the king is dead and call for Mizzle. Mizzle will confirm the king's death and talking to him will give the party the King of the Gordok (de)buff. Further dialog options will cause him to spawn the Gordok Tribute Chest"

                        * Missing ALL "pylon" type GOs, doors missing, zone completely unscripted, no waypoints or patrols *
                        -Tendris Warpwood
                        ** Ancient Equine Spirit, perma spawned nearby for Pally Quest **
                        *** Ironbark the Redeemed, http://old.wowhead.com/npc=14241, wrong location and faction ***
                        **** Spawn Types around Magister are wrong and none are stealthed or phased, should be pink/blue "apparitions" not skeletons ****
                        -Tsu'zee (rare Banshee Rogue NPC)
                        -Magister Kalendris
                        -Illyanna Ravenoak, missing her pet bear "Ferra" unscripted, does not kite or use her Hunter abilities
                        ***** Missing NPC Ferra, http://old.wowhead.com/npc=14308 also does core support shared hate list(s) for PC/NPCs? *****
                        --Lord Hel'nurath (rare) is perma-spawned
                        --Dreadsteed Spirit is perma-spawned
                        --Xorothian Dreadsteed is not spawned, but may be triggerable http://old.wowhead.com/npc=14502
                        ****** Knot Thimblejack's Cache spawned in wrong location (DM West instead of North) ******
                        --Prince Tortheldrin, is triggered by Immol'thar's death, spawns in wrong location in Lbrary
                        ******* Treasure of the Shen'dralar GO is perma-spawned in slightly wrong loction; should be under the ramp. not next to it *******
                        ******** Several extra NPC spawns "Highborne Summoner" lvl 55 Elite NPCs non-blizzlike, attackable, nuisances ********

                        COMMENT: The only reason this zone doesn't get an "F" is that the bosses are killable and the achievement is obtainable and counts towards Classic Dungeonmaster. Almost everything in here is hack-kneeed crap-fixes; lastly, the reason that this dugeon scores so low overall, even though it "looks" like it is working, is that- it only LOOKS like it is working; those who played early retail are very disappointed that Tribute Runs are impossible; and this (once TOP Dungeon) has been reduced to almost impertinent. Given how many spawns are wrong, missing, or "hack-fixed" and that this dungeon has been in the game so long and should be, along with BRD, THE preeminent 50-60 Dungeons; this content should really be working and even BETTER than retail. E.G.- instead of fixing the keys, we removed the doors--?? C'mon...

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                        • cmoabob

                          cmoabob Supporter!

                          Man, what a friggin' endeavor.
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                          • jakalecax

                            jakalecax Member

                            Maraudon 95% (X-3/16) quests, 8/8 bosses, 0/1 rare npc, achievement
                            Sorrowshards = not dropping inside instance
                            Legends of Maraudon = completable
                            The Scepter of Celebras = cannot complete; Celebras the Redeemed's ritual is not scripted
                            GO associated with "Vylestem Vine" appears on map but is unassociated with
                            So quests "Vylestem Corruption" aren't completable qid# 7029, 7041


                            Lord Vyletongue

                            Poison Falls
                            Celebras the Cursed
                            -Meshlok the Harvester (rare) MISSING

                            Tinkerer Gizlock
                            Princess Theradras
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                            • jakalecax

                              jakalecax Member

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                              • jakalecax

                                jakalecax Member

                                Gnomeregan 90% (X-6/27) quests, 6/6 bosses, 0/1 rare, achievement

                                The Punch Card series of quests does not work. The White Punch Card drops but the GO's inside the instance (Matrix Punchographs) are not scripted to trade-upwards, nor to reveal their "Schematics" to Engineers with appropriate level skill. Some other quests that rely on this aren't then completable either.

                                The "Goblin Transponder" which allows use of the 'Teletransporter' in Booty bay to Gnomeregan for Horde Characters is obtainable by players taking the quests "Rig Wars" and "Talk to Scooty" from the Engineering trainers in the back of Orgrimmar.

                                The score is lower than it should be because most of the schematics are unobtainable and more than half the quests are uncompletable. This zone gets an A- overall simply because it is finishable and yields the Dungeonmaster Achievement Credit.

                                Techbot (outside instance)
                                Viscous Fallout
                                Electrocutioner 6000
                                Crowd Pummeler 9-60
                                Dark Iron Ambassador (Missing Rare Elite)
                                Mekgineer Thermaplugg (properly triggers achievement)
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                                • jakalecax

                                  jakalecax Member

                                  Zul'Farrak 90% (XX/16) quests, 9/11 bosses, 0/3 rare spawns, +achievement

                                  Theka the Martyr
                                  -Witch Doctor Zum'rah (is NOT attackable; his "chest" is also not properly itemized)
                                  Sandfury Executioner (Drops Key)
                                  -Nekrum Gutchewer (is NOT spawning next to Shadowpriest Sezz'ziz during Event)
                                  Shadowpriest Sezz'ziz
                                  Sergeant Bly (Event trigger, Scripted well, Lootable for Quest)
                                  Hydromancer Velrath
                                  Chief Ukorz Sandscalp (gives achievement credit)

                                  -Sandarr Dunereaver (MISSING Rare Elite)
                                  -Dustwraith (MISSING Rare Elite)
                                  -Zerellis (MISSING Rare Elite)

                                  This zone gets another "A-" overall; it is finishable and many of the quests work, but it is missing one boss encounter and ALL of the desirable Rare NPC spawns. It should rightly be given a "B" rating, but what does work, works very well.
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                                    Utgarde Keep 95% (3/5) quests, 4/4 bosses, 0 rares, 3 achievements

                                    Utgarde Keep

                                    Prince Keleseth
                                    Skarvald the Constructor & Dalronn the Controller
                                    Ingvar the Plunderer (triggers achievement)

                                    Utgarde Keep (Heroic)

                                    Prince Keleseth
                                    Skarvald the Constructor & Dalronn the Controller
                                    Ingvar the Plunderer (triggers Heroic achievement)

                                    * (Missing NPC) Dark Ranger Marrah [H] [A] should be stealthed (low level) on the stairs as one enters the zone, and should offer (.startquest) two quests to Horde players:
                                    "Disarmament" http://old.wowhead.com/quest=13206
                                    "Ingvar must Die!" http://old.wowhead.com/quest=11262

                                    Reported previously by 'Lazerus' and confirmed by 'Doublerainbo'
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                                        Scholomance 95%, (XX/77) quests, 13/13 bosses, X rares, achievement

                                        ***** KEY IS OBTAINABLE but NPC questgiver Flags should be updated *****

                                        [QUEST] The Key to Scholomance [A] http://old.wowhead.com/quest=5505
                                        Complete all prerequisite quests from Commander Ashlam Valorfist...
                                        NPC Alchemist Arbington has wrong template; set flags from '4' (vendor) to '7' (gossip + quest + vendor)
                                        NPC# 11056
                                        -Needs the "I'd like to browse your goods" template
                                        starts quest IDs:

                                        [QUEST] The Key to Scholomance [H] http://old.wowhead.com/quest=5511
                                        Complete all prerequisite quests from high Executor Derrington...
                                        NPC Apothecary Dithers has wrong template; set flags from '4' (vendor) to '7' (gossip + quest + vendor)
                                        NPC# 11057
                                        -Needs the "I'd like to browse your goods" template.
                                        starts quest IDs:

                                        -Kirtonos the Herald (have to do prerequisite quests to get first Blood of Innocents)
                                        * Blood Steward of Kirtanos is not itemized with subsequent Blood, nor is the Butcher or Jandice *
                                        -Jandice Barov
                                        -Marduk Blackpool (killable but unitemized)
                                        -Vectus (killable but unitemized)
                                        -Ras Frostwhisper (co-trigger dungeon achievement)
                                        -Instructor Malicia
                                        -Doctor Theolen Krastinov
                                        -Lorekeeper Polkelt
                                        -The Ravenian
                                        -Lord Alexei Barov
                                        -Lady Illucia Barov
                                        -Darkmaster Gandling (co-trigger dungeon achievement)
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