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Anyone playing Diablo II?

Discussion in 'Gaming haven' started by moujin, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. moujin

    moujin 化け物

    So a while back, I heard that you can use your CDKEY to legally download copies of all your Blizzard games. So I thought it would be a perfect oppportunity to do it since I don't recall seeing some of my games for a while. After a bit of digging through the games bin in my closet, I found them and lo and behold, my Diablo II: Lord of Destruction CD was not in the case. The good thing about this is that since I still had my CDKEY on the jewel case, I could just enter it and download the game, still.

    WOOT! :qgreenjumpers:

    So I was wondering if any of you play Diablo II or want to get a multiplayer thing going. It would be like a closed Battle.net game for KPsN members only. I hate playing with Blizzard kiddies more than anything in the world. I think that would be an awesome idea. What do you guys think? It could be a KPsN for Classic Gaming or something. :thumbsup:

    Also, I checked my account at Battle.net and saw this. I was pretty damn surprised. :icon_eek:

    Yes, that's the StarCraft II beta. Now I don't kow if it's because I'm in with Blizzard (I was in the Friends & Family beta for WoW), but I thought it was nice of them nonetheless.
  2. KingPin

    KingPin Administrator Staff Member

    up yours jerkass!
  3. Spanky

    Spanky Pants off!!

    I may just start up again now..
  4. moujin

    moujin 化け物

    Sweet! :D

    Hey, if you add your games to Battle.net, can you let me know if you get the StarCraft beta as well? I talked to a friend of mine that was also in the beta and he got it as well.


    Just added the multires patch and I can play this puppy @ 1440x900 resolution, LOL!

    THIS. IS. AWESOME. :icon_thumright:

    Crappy-assed 800x600 resolution. This is the maximum resolution for Diablo II.

    Here it is in 1440x900 glorious widescreen! I can see everything. :icon_eek:

  5. KingPin

    KingPin Administrator Staff Member

    that is AWESOME!
  6. moujin

    moujin 化け物

    I remember getting the game a long ass time ago (when it was released), and my pc took a while to load. Now, it literally loads in less than 3 seconds, lol.

    This widescreen patch is freakin' awesome. I can see sooo much more. Can't wait to unlock the Secret Cow Level and see the hoards of cows coming at me, hehe.
  7. KingPin

    KingPin Administrator Staff Member

    woooooooooo cow level!
  8. Lust

    Lust The Deadliest Sin

    Do. Fucking. Want.
  9. Spanky

    Spanky Pants off!!

    i loaded m games on, but i have no way of getting the beta... unless i'm doing soemthing wrong, i has the icon and all... multires d2.. win.
  10. moujin

    moujin 化け物

    Did you download and run the Beta Opt-In program? It scans your system specs and uploads it to your Blizzard account.

  11. Spanky

    Spanky Pants off!!

    oh yeah, i downloaded that, and now i'm eligible...hopefully.. any idea when the sc2 beta gets released?
  12. Mucak

    Mucak KPsN Forum Staff

    I'd play diablo II on a kpsn server :)

    I Don't have a retail CD key for diablo, but i got ma' WoW acc, so im waiting for that starcraft 2 cd key for months now :D
  13. Spanky

    Spanky Pants off!!

    serbia is like.. #463 on the country list for the sc2 beta release xD
    NA & NZ however.. #1 ;D
  14. Kadolyn

    Kadolyn Helper extraordinaire!

    Yes I play D2 from time to time. This is a short list of what I have....

    91 Dreamadin, 87 Barb, 89 Ice sorc, 80 something Trapper, 90 Hammerdin, 89 or so paladin with a grief and shield. I can't remember the name of the build. 90 druid, and a 91 necro.

    Let me know if you get some chaos games together or some other runs, and I'd be more then happy to join in. Sounds like lots of fun

    Wanted to add that if you want to add me, PM me and I will give you my acct names to add.
  15. moujin

    moujin 化け物

    Holy shit. I think someone played Diablo II a bit much, lol. I love the game, but not that much. :confused3:

    Since the topic was bumped, I just wanted to let you all know that if you didn't get in the StarCraft II beta that you can still get in if you pre-order the game from GameStop. They still have a ton of beta invites for SCII. My sister's boyfriend already has 3.
  16. Kadolyn

    Kadolyn Helper extraordinaire!

    It was free, and for a very long time I didn't have the means (both financially and computer wise) to run any retail game. And I didn't even know about private servers for a long time til an ex boyfriend got me into wow.

    Plus, most of those characters were power leveled too. So its not exactly an accurate description of my time on there.
  17. moujin

    moujin 化け物

    Oh, I'm not judging or anything. :D I was just kind of taken aback at the number of high-level characters you had, hehe.

    It's like finding out your friend was a millionaire all along and he never paid for dinner in the 20+ years you've known him. Okay, that analogy was really bad but you get what I mean. Heh. :)
  18. Kadolyn

    Kadolyn Helper extraordinaire!

    yeah I get what you mean lol And don't worry, I didn't take offense. Just explaining is all.

    I probably played for a good 3 or so years. Not hardcore or anything like that. Just casual. Three of my best friends played it as well off and on, so I got to join in some very good chaos runs and whatnot. Plus, they would farm for torches, and would do power lvling that way too. And I was always invited, so yeah... lol
  19. moujin

    moujin 化け物

    It took me a while to beat the game. I don't even think I have one character maxed out yet, either. I just beat the game once and called it a day. Then I went on another run to get the Cow Level and that was it.

    So yeah. I'm still considered a n00b. :)
  20. Nodoka

    Nodoka Private

    well im pure pvp player when it comes to diablo

    99 charge/smith - paladin.
    99 wolf - barbarian
    94 bone necro
    97 martial assasin
    99 bow amazon.


    but then i havent played in ages but i log in once in a while to do some pvp and to make sure my characters dosnt expire :)
    but meh im on EU =)

    oh and yeah i got a lvl 92 zeal sorcerer on hc

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