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All Tradeskills Available To Den Players - 5/12

Discussion in 'The WoW Servers' started by GM Ash, May 28, 2012.

  1. GM Ash

    GM Ash Ceiling Cat Staff Member

    In our ongoing efforts to provide The Den's players with a unique, lasting, and rich WoW experience, we are excited to introduce the feature for players of adopting all eleven tradeskills on any, or all, of their characters.

    This will be an integral part of our custom format, moving forward (patch 3.3.5a and beyond), and will give Den players more to do if they so choose to, and reward them in various subtle ways. Allow me to address some of the arguments against (and for) this change:

    The argument that "it isn't Blizzlike" falls flat; even Blizzard isn't "blizzlike" any more, having introduced a twelfth tradeskill with Cataclysm, and the presumption of "player interdependence" has been proven false over time, as extra-market "Chinese farmers" have become the premier providers of game resources and the economic catalysts for retail servers; NOT other Regular players.

    The argument that "I'm not grinding up another tradeskill" is also specious; one simply doesn't have to in order to play well and to be highly competitive in raids, arenas, or battlegrounds. This is purely optional for all players (who already were allowed to obtain 6 of the available 11) here on The Den.

    The argument that "It's overpowering..." is untrue, especially in light of the fact that VIP3 and similar gear is often impossible to enchant, socket, or enhance with the profession-specific and unique modifications available from particular tradeskills. The VIP3 and Custom Sets themselves are much more "OP" alone, which is why there has been no extra support of further enhancing them.

    In short, this change is big ONLY for those who will take advantage of it; and it will have almost no impact on those who do not.

    This will give gamers who play here regularly even more to do, and help retain players who are active and self reliant, in between raids and during times when population is low.

    It is hoped that we will therefore see more players online working towards 'character completion' for whichever character they are most proud of, or, that which they consider to be their 'main' character, and for longer periods of time.

    Lastly, that the introduction of this change may have a positive effect on the general gold-based economy, in that raw materials will be in higher demand, as players farm up more raw materials than they need, and will both sell off extra materials that they do not need, as well as desirable crafted products (particularly consumables, such as Drums and Scrolls, Flasks and Elixrs, and Transmuted and popular Cut Gems, Etc).

    I'm sure to have missed some details, or overlooked common complaints about this change, and I invite everyone to post their thoughts and to provide constructive feedback, good or bad, since now more than ever, those reading this need to have their opinions and suggestions heard.


    In order to be able to train these additional professions, players MUST clear the contents of their Cache Folder and relog completely. Easiest method, a Guide for Windows users:

    Clear Your Cache Folder Easily With Windows | KPsN Forum
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    • cmoabob

      cmoabob Supporter!

      Woah can't wait to get back!!!
    • cmoabob

      cmoabob Supporter!

      Anyone master all T-skills yet, including Cooking, Fishing and First Aid?

      Just curious...
    • Karalanta

      Karalanta Moderator

      Yes i have all maxed out
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      • cmoabob

        cmoabob Supporter!

        Woah, grats!
        I have masters in all t-skills, just no char who's got hem all.
      • cmoabob

        cmoabob Supporter!

        In your learned opinion, dear Densters, which two-three tradeskills help a char the most ?
      • cmoabob

        cmoabob Supporter!

        I mean, for the best craftsman-only enhancements, would you go with JC, Enchanting, LW, Alchemy, something else ?
      • Hambooger

        Hambooger New Member

        milling has always helped me most
      • cmoabob

        cmoabob Supporter!

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