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WoW Server Rules

Some basic rules for the wow servers.

We the staff, assume that you, the player, have read these rules and will adhere to them upon logging in and playing on our servers. Failure to read these rules will NOT be an excuse to break them, and you will be punished accordingly. You will be asked politely ONCE to comply with the rules in most cases, and if you do so, no punishment will occur. We also reserve the right to escalate to a second or third offense punishment in special cases where it is needed.

The following rules are subject to a 4-Step punishment system.

  • 10-15 minute mute for the first offense.
  • 60 minute mute for the second offense.
  • 60 minute jail for the third offense.
  • 7 day ban for the fourth offense.
And the player will onlybe able to come back on a probationary period of 30 days. If within that 30 days they need to be reprimanded again, a permanent ban will occur.

If a player feels a ban is unfair in any way, that player can appeal in a private post using the bug tracker section. This is the only way staff will review a ban. Creating a new game account to plead your case, arguing in IRC/PM or "borrowing" another players account when you are banned for any reason is not allowed, and will be cause for a permanent ban if one is not already in place. It will also get your friend's account moved to 7 day ban status and 30 day probation status.


  1. No hacking of any kind is permitted on this server. An immediate ban will occur with the visual confirmation from a Staff Member or a verified screen shot taken by a player.
  2. PVP on The Den and Asgard is set on normal ,so if you are flagged for PVP,you can be attacked by opposite faction players. We also allow attacks on major city factions, but keep in mind opposing players may defend. An opposing player in a city can choose not to defend, and you cannot attack them unless they attack you.
  3. GM ISLAND is a market place, a social area, and a Safe Haven. No PVP of any kind, including duels, is allowed there. We also request that you not cast spells or summon pets while visiting GM ISLAND. Even if a GM is not present, a verified screenshot of you doing any of these actions will result in action being taken against you.
  4. Typing in all CAPS, spamming/flooding, excessive item links or "l33t speak" will not tolerated in IRC or in-game chat. If you do so, you will be asked to stop. Also, the preferred language of the server is English, and we require you use only English in World Chat, please.
  5. There will be no set limitation on expressive words as long as they are not said in a provoking, insulting, or threatening manner. There will be absolutely no tolerance for the threatening of any other player within or out of game.
  6. There will be complete tolerance by all players regarding sex, age, race, nationality, language, political views and religion of other players. Any slandering of people based on these factors will not be tolerated and consequences for such occurrences will occur.
  7. Conversations containing suggestive themes, politics, Britney Spears, etc., will be tolerated as long as they do not offend other players, and is at the discretion of a GM online at that time to limit the conversation, or ask for the conversation to be stopped.
  8. There will be no tolerance for arguments between players; “joke” fights. These should be kept in guild conversation, in say, or in whispers, and it will not be tolerated in World Chat or on IRC.
  9. There will be no tolerance for any slander of any Staff Member or GM, nor will debating a standing rule or personal issue in World Chat be tolerated. If you feel a rule needs changing, please use the forums to state your case. All complaints regarding Staff Members will be directed to a higher level Staff Member (currently KingPin, you can use Forum PM, IRC PM, etc.). If this is not appropriate, please use [email protected] and leave detailed information about the problem.
  10. Players will not be permitted to represent themselves as Staff Members in any way. They may ask a player bothering them directly to stop, but should then go to the first available Staff Member for assistance.
Thank you for taking the time to read the rules for The Den. Enjoy your time online!

- The Staff

Apr 17, 2011
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