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FAQ Signup howto connection info Server stats

latest client version is 3.3.5a (12340)
Realmlist is wow.kpsden.com

The purpose of this thread is to centralize information and guides, we will update this thread when we can, but the Wiki is still the best place to look.

Signing Up & Playing on Server!

If you would like to signup to play on The Den server then you should do the following.

1. Go Register and make an account, make sure to pay attention to the whole form.
2. OPTIONAL : Go here and get and install the latest version available in the first post
2a. Now make sure you client is the exact version as written above. Then run the loader, it might need to update itself (its auto update but it does ask your permission first)login with the account you created in step 1.
3. IF you didn't use the loader from step 2 Make sure to change your realmlist to wow.kpsden.com, login to the server and enjoy :)


Our system are quite costly at this time and we appreciate any and all help from our players.

We created some perks to encourage people to donate. This includes 76 Legendry Items for Donators which can be seen on the GM Island and also a .shop command which makes the purchase of high level or difficult to find items in-game. As Donators help keep the server running we believe they should get perks. But no parts of the original game are ever blocked to those who dont or cant donate. Even many of the specially coded perks are available to both donors and non donors alike just using different mechanisms like voting or ingame event or facebook events.

For more information on Donating, please visit http://www.kpsforum.com/pages/contribute/

Please stay tuned.

We now have an official IRC channel that you can find on the Rizon irc servers. Everyone who needs support or just wants to hangout/support us should join us there (and idle)

KPsN Terms of Service

1, If you chose to pay players in any kind of private transaction or trade for any reason, then you take sole responsibility for the sale or purchase of any services of your transaction. And we, KPsN Staff, are not responsible for these private transactions. Please be advised, we will NOT redeem anything lost, and/or stolen, that came from these transactions.

2. If you fail to protect your password, account, and/or computer for any reason, and someone hacks and/or exploits using your account on your computer ; Regardless if it is a relative or not, we reserve the right to IP ban you. It is your sole responsibility to log off your account after using it, and to protect your password, even from relatives. We will not be held responsible, for any reason, if they have access to it and use it for wrongful means. We will not unban your IP if this occurs, regardless if it was you or not. Your account/computer/password, your responsibility.

3. Only the Guild Leader of any guild may purchase, aquire, and establish the boundaries of the GHQ. A secondary buyer may be appointed as backup, for the continual establishment of the GHQ. However, the secondary buyer will have no say in the GHQ and/or its properties. Only the guild leader will.

4. KPsN Staff and its associates will not interfere in any private matters with players, especially guild matters, on any official capacity unless it impacts the server(s) in a detemental way. And we reserve the right, that should we have to interfere, to take drastic annoying measures if forced to do so.

Live Contact


host = irc.rizon.net
channel = #KPsNWorld

See you all there!

Return of items From now on if you transfer Items from one character to another then Delete the character mailing the item. That is your fault and you will not receive compensation for said items

do not delete the character until u have received the mail on the character you are mailing it to.

Realmlist is wow.kpsden.com

Server Features

[KPsDen][Armory] [Control Panel]

Server Settings:
·Monster XP Blizzlike to 15x Blizzard (see .dga setxprate)
·Quest XP Blizzlike to 15x Blizzard (see .dga setxprate)
·Money Drops x100 Blizzlike.
** these rates will increase when using Starter Heirloom items up to 30%.

Friendly GM/Staff:
·Available 24/7, Kingpin, Jason, Darthas, Pippin, AzraDark, Illyria, Ash. To help you with all your Den needs.

KPSN Rule Book:
·Type .dga faq to receive a free copy. Since the ingame version has not been functioning properly here is a link to the forum version. [KPsN Rulebook]

Custom Server Currency:
·After donating you can receive in-game currency of Denarii. We also have a less domination of Solarians. Currently 75x Solarian = 1x Denarii. 1x Denarii = $1 USD. [How to Donate] [Solarian and the Den]

·The Auto-Instancing changes the Instance difficulty on the fly based on the amount of players in the Instance [Auto-Instancing]

Player/Guild Housing:
·Players and Guild Leaders have the option of purchasing (with either Solarian or Denarii a player or guild house. You can have mining or herb nodes, atm, or a guild bank (guilds only), portal or portal vendor, regent vendor, vanity items.
[Player Housing] [Guild Housing] [Rent Due!]

Warping Commands:
·Players have access to warp around the World of Warcraft by using .warp go <location> Here is a list of the location you have available, most of them are free. [Warp List]

Referral System:
·Have a friend who wants to play on the Den? Provide them with your Refid when they are signing up and you will get some Additional XP or Solarians FREE!
·http://www.kpsden.com/wow_reg.php?ref=<your refid> (.dga refid to get yours!)

VIP Access:
Player who pay 5 Denarii or use vote points are able to access our VIP system (for 30 days) which provide the following:
  • ·additional exp gain
  • ·slightly higher rep gain (better with COF, even better with COF+VIP Shirt),
  • ·slightly higher world loot drop
  • ·extra chance for voting package
  • ·waterwalk
  • ·access to set beacon/tobeacon
  • ·access to VIP teleporting list. [VIP Warp List]

Daily Events & GM Host Events (with rewards):
·Our GM and Staff Host events at random times and rewards for winners, and events are not always PVP events.
[1st place/Event VIP] [Runner ups/participants] [Event Changes]

Flight Paths:
·All flight paths are unlocked from all flightmasters for use.

Donor Gear:
·When you donate you have the option to purchase Donor gear with your denarii. [VIP3 Gear]

Custom Gear:
·Please see the following for more details. [Full Custom Sets Return!]

·Access to Original, Burning Crusade and Wraith of the Lich King content, and areas.

Scripted Instances:
·Including the newly scripted “LICH KING” in Ice Crown Citadel. [Lich King Takedown]

World Chat Channel:
·We have a world chat that people in game can join, by typing /join world or connect via IRC by using irc.rizon.net and /join #kpsnworld

Den Greeter:
·Lance Gordon has free items for starting characters such as Heirloom Items which provide up to 30% faster XP gain. [Den Greeter]

Starter Characters:
·All characters start with 600 Gold, access to 6 Professions. Access to Den Greeter for additional starter items.

Obstacle Course:
·Special obstacle course developed by our own Kingpin, Jason and Spots. To begin use .warp go dgaoc1 after you finish 1 you can go to 2,3 and 4.

GM Island:
·Access to our island with vendors for armor, weapons, mounts, available for denarii or solarian.

.HMAIL Command:
·The hmail system allows for players to transfer soulbound items from on character to another with the use of one Hmail Stamp which can be bought from GM Island vendors.(.hmail command will provide the subcommands necessary for transfer).

  • .HMAIL <send/psend> [shift+click item] : psend requires a stamp.
  • .HMAIL list - lists items that you have emailed.
  • .HMAIL get <ID> - to get the item that you have mailed.

.SHOP Command:
·Allows you to purchase most of the gear available on the server.Absolutely no refunds.
USAGE: .SHOP <help/find/buy/sell/price/random>
  • .SHOP <help> - displays help for all commands.
  • .SHOP <find> <item> - displays 15 item matches.
  • .SHOP <buy> [shift+click item] - purchases item for # of denarii.
  • .SHOP <sell> [shift+click item] - sells item if purchased from .shop
  • .SHOP <price> [shift+click item] - displays price of item in denarii.

.DGA Commands:
Usage: .dga <command> <option>
  • .dga buyland- takes you to a special location with all the buildings available for
  • PHQ/GHQs. currently this is disabled.
  • .dga faction- allows you to change your faction, cost denarii.
  • .dga faq-creates a DGA Faq book.
  • .dga gamble -
  • .dga getvip- allows you to purchase VIP Status, costs 5 Denarii.
  • .dga incombat- will get you out of combat mood when you are stuck in combat but
  • you are not fighting anything.
  • .dga levelme- requires 1 solarian, will level between 1-3 levels, depending on your
  • lvl, up to lvl 60.
  • .dga makeover- requires 1 Denarius, allows you to make over your char, except
  • faction.
  • .dga race- allows you to change your race, cost denarii.
  • .dga redeemxp-
  • .dga redeemsolarian-
  • .dga refid- shows your referal id to give to others.
  • .dga reviveme- Requires a Charm of Fortune, allows to you revive, requires
  • solarian.
  • .dga roulette -
  • .dga setwotlk- sets your game status to allow WOTLK content.
  • .dga settbc- sets your game status to allow TBC content.
  • .dga setghq - disabled by orders of DGA.
  • .dga startevent - disabled by orders of DGA.
  • .dga togglexp-
  • .dga vipstatus- tell you how much VIP time you have remaining.
  • .dga waterwalk- allows you to walk on water, if you have VIP Status.

Auction House Bot:
The AH bot automatically populates the Auction House with good for sale, even when no player put up any items.

Charm of Fortune:
With the Charm of Fortune, you can use this item to revive yourself when you die using .dga reviveme, and you can right click on it to open a portal bank.

World Loot Table:
This is awesome, when you kill mobs that are within 15 levels of your level, you will have a chance of automatically winning an amazing prize. [Link to loot table coming soon]

KPS Den Armory:
If you are familiar with Wowhead, you are familiar with our Armory.[Armory]

Custom Trading/Bartering System:[Custom Trading/Bartering System]
Apr 17, 2011
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