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WoW Addons

Some Addons suggested by staff and players :)

WOW Addons endorsed by staff :

After reviewing a plethora of gankings and other misdeeds, that we could not punish someone for, nor know if they committed it, I have taken to myself, to suggest some addons.

1:Chat Timestamp - Addons - Curse
Reason? This addon in the second's form will allow the Staff, to properly punish someone, by seeing that when they hit you, was within certain amount of time to you dieing, and if the server/local time is in the screenshot, we could conclude even better, so in short, if you want your gankers to pay, use a timestamped chatlog.

2:QuestHelper - Addons - Curse
Reason? It provides step by step help with quests.

3:Main Page - WIM
Reason? It's an IM for WoW, so now it's easier to toss around whispers.

General Addons

Bug Sack - Error Frame
Description: Annoyed by those pesky error frames? In the middle of the screen and stuff...Bug sack removes that and puts it in it's "sack" so you won't see it. Its a really must have.
Link: Bug Sack

Cartographer - Map
Description: A very very nice map addon, it makes your map smaller so you can see it and not full screen. Also, if you have gathering professions, it marks on your map the thing you gathered. Example: You gathered some herbs. It marks it. You can also make map notes.
Link: Cartographer
Screenshots are included in the link. But heres mine.

Mik's Scrolling Battle Text - Combat Addon
Description: MSBT is like the Floating Combat Text on your default wow addon. It shows your damage what you did, cooldowns that are ready, and much more. Very customizable.
Link: MSBT
Screenshot: Included in the link.

Atlas and Atlas Loot - Map/Loot addon
Description: Lets you see the map, but also bossess in a dungeon. With Atlas loot, you can see what they drop! So, you wouldn't have to wowhead all the time :thumbsup:.
Link: Atlas Core Addon - Atlas Loot
Screenshot: Included in the link.

SW_Stats - Damage Meter
Description: Sees how much damage you have done, and your members. (You have to configure it. Takes a bit. If you need a tut, PM me on the forums. [Believe])
Link: SW Stats

Bongos2 - Action Bar
Description: Customizable action bars. 10 bars, 12 buttons on each. Also comes with a castbar, loot roll, and more.Aslo, one of the best feature: Fast Keybinding system!
Link: Bongos2

Xperl - Unit Frames
Description: Very nice Unit frames that are so much better then the blizzard's unit frames. You can customize it. It shows health of the target, and more. I recomend this one.
Link: X-Perl

Clearfont2 - Font
Description: changes your font so its much clearer, and you can change the chat font. I love this addon. I hate blizzard standard fuzzy fonts.
Link: Clearfont2

Outfitter - Equipment
Description: Lets you set up profiles for your equipments. Like a birthday suit, dps suit, tanking, healing, etc. You can make your own. In a click of a button it switches for you (armor switches out of combat)
Link: Outfitter Updated

Quartz - Casting Bar
Description: Lots of casting bar utilities, and more.
Sources: Curse.com, wowui.incgamers.com

More to come. Please post broken links.

Shall we put this in the wiki? :D

Apr 17, 2011
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