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MineCraft Server Rules

General rules for the MineCraft Server.

Connection IP : Mine.KPsDen.com

  • Pretend to be mature. Attempt to be responsible.
  • Feel free to express yourself via any means, but dont harrass other players.
  • Talk to any neighbors and be a good citizen ;)
  • DONT tresspass. Dont go into other users homes, properties, gardens, creations without invite or clearly marked signs welcomeing visitors.
  • Griefing, as used here, is the act of placing or removing blocks, adding water or lava, or starting fires, intentionally or unintentionally causing grief among the other users of the server. whether its one block or 1000 is not the issue. Just dont do it. You can be banned for this.
  • Dont use your bullshit cheats here. We dont care if you didnt know, we will let some creepers rape you if you use cheats.
  • If you have an issue with someone, work it out with them, dont be an e-thug. this isnt your granny's basement. we dont care for you or your BS. If a conflict spills into world for a prolonged period or cannot be resolved, staff will work it out, but you may not love the result.
  • When you first join you will not be able to build. Ask an admin (CheapSheep / ~Pippin or KingPinX / ~KingPin) to add you to the builders group or apply on www.kpsforum.com
  • When building things dont just wall off a kilometer... mark the area you need. build, then expand as needed. 
  • Banned? Make a nice post at KPsN Minecraft forum explaining why you were banned, your ingame name, why you think you should be unbanned, and how you will never ever ever ever ever do anything wrong. ;) dont bother ranting and screaming, we will ignore it.
Apr 17, 2011
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