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KPsDen Gaming Servers

Welcome to KPsden, a gaming network. We host many game servers and play many games, some current ones include but not limited to: Team Fortress 2 (tf2), Counter strike Global Offensive (CS:GO), Ark Survival Evolved (ARK), Fallout 4, Just Cause 3.

Teamspeak info :

We use teamspeak3 for our communications needs. Please join us on TS3 via clicking this link :

Click to join our TS3 server.

of via the IP : voice.kpsden.com

Before joining our Ark server you must subscribe to some mods. Please goto
Our steam mods collection
and click the subscribe all button.
wait a few minutes for steam to download the mods, then start your ark client, it will install all the mods.
it will show you the progress in the bottom left hand corner of your ark game client. once the mods are finished installing they will remain auto updated via steam so you dont have to worry about it.
the mods dont load when you arent playing on a modded server so you dont have to worry about extra resource usage on official servers etc.
join our Ark server by clicking this link :

Click to join our ark server.

Or by selecting unofficial on the bottom left of the servers in ark server browser and filtering for the word kpsden
Dec 3, 2015
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