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Contribute to KPsN

Hosting / licensing fees
Contribute to KPsN

To reward our loyal Donators we have come up with certain rewards for them, everyone who donates get to be a member of a special group called the Supporters, they get their own rank under their name. They get more room in their PM/storage box, they also dont see any ads. If a donator plays on our Den MMo Server they get a special reward on there also! They get ingame item called Denarius aka Denarii. this can be used to trade with other players or ingame NPCs.

How do I Donate?
Simply click a link to donate, and depending on the amount of donation you will get a different badge!.

Click on the image below to goto the Paypal donations page!


*New option*

Use google checkout!

When do i receive my email?
If you pay with the balance in your paypal account or via credit card its processed quickly, if your payment is an echeck payment then that can take a while. once you recieve a confirmation email from KPsN letting you know your payment was sucessfull, please goto GM island and talk to Kane Corrigan, enter the code recieved via your email into his codebox and he will award you the items.

How many denarii do I get?
Rewards are as following:
you get the exact amount of your donation minus paypal fees, rounded down to closest full dollar.
So for example if you donated between $5 - $23 you would get ($amount - 1)
if you donated between $24 - $58 you would get ($amount - 2)
if you donated between $59 - $93 you would get ($amount - 3)
if you donated between $94 - $127 you would get ($amount - 4)
* these amounts are estimates as paypal loves to ivnent fees, they charge fees for currency conversion, foreign currency, payment across borders and if you pay while breathing and double if you pay while not breathing. i.e. their fees are ridiculous. So use this chart as just a guestimate.
Can I transfer these denarii between my char's or give them to my friend billy ray?
Sure we dont really put a restriction on who and how much you transfer.

What if I want something more customized on the Forums or on the Den??
Well on the forums, you can post in the supporters haven section and we will make sure to do our best to accomodate you.

So what if I dontated a whole 2 minutes ago and I still didnt get my email?
We try to do our best to respond ASAP, but we need time to work this stuff out, please bear with us, the email can take anywhere from 2 minutes to 12 hours..
Kind Regards
KPs Team

Apr 17, 2011
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