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Bug Reporting Tips

How to properly report bugs :)

Ok, first and foremost, thanks for taking the time to come to the forums and help us improve things! Our community is what makes our server unique, and the more you use the forums to share knowledge and help each other, the better the end result for everyone.

Sometimes, server updates do strange and unexpected things. A quest or ability that has worked in the past may suddenly not work, for no apparent reason. What worked great last week may suddenly no longer function. These types of issues can usually be resolved, if we
are made aware of them. We really can't test every single quest every time there's a revision change, so you players are our best source of up to date info on what works and what doesn't.

The best way to get these issues resolved is to let everyone know, and the best tool for doing so is our very own Bug Tracker. Sure you can tell us ingame, or on IRC, but make a bugtracker post too.

This ensures all staff, including KingPin (who does not play on the server regularly) know about it, and it also helps your fellow players know what is going on.

There are also things that are what we typically call "core issues". These are things that are beyond our current ability to fix. This doesn't mean they wont ever work, it simply means that the fix/addition needs to be coded into the core itself. These issues STILL need to be reported, as we can pass that info onto the devs and make sure they know that a problem exists, or there is a demand for that spell/skill/boss/etc to be added.

You can also use the bugtracker to make suggestions for adding content to the server, or suggesting a change that you feel would benefit the playerbase. I personally can attest that these are read and considered seriously, unless the request is such that it can't be. For example "make all bosses have 12 hitpoints and drop epics plox" is probably not going to get the same attention that "add mobs to area X because there should be more" might get.

So, now that I have covered the basic use and purpose of bugtracker itself, I'd like to discuss briefly how to use it to get the best outcome possible on your particular issue.

First, do your homework. Check on Wowhead, try our armory, and make sure you actually have a true problem. Also check and see if there is an open issue for the same problem.

Example: A post regarding getting swift flight form quest for druids. Did you check to make sure you are talking to the correct npc? Do you meet the requirements for the quest to be offered? Double check these things, and make sure you havent missed the obvious. We all do sometimes, and you may save the time and trouble of checking back on a post you didn't need to make in the first place. And if the issue is already listed, post on the current issue. This helps us confirm if the problem is confined to a specific character or not.

Second, make your post as clear and as informative as possible.

Bad Example: Quest blah blah is bugged! Fix nau plox!

Good example: I cannot complete (exact quest name/wowhead or armory link). I have the items needed, and Bob the Orc refuses to talk to me, he just keeps walking around.

If we know exactly what the problem is, it increases our chances of quickly pinpointing why it does not work. It also saves time. I roll a char just to wander about and find your mystery quest, spending 15 mins or so, that 15 mins could have been spent resolving 4-5 well defined bugtraq issues since I have all the info I need in front of me. Also taking the time to provide links, and using proper sentence structure and grammar helps too. Messages that are written this way are much easier to read, and we can get thru them faster. We do understand that english isn't everyone's first language, and we don't expect perfection, but making an effort to be understood is really appreciated by everyone on staff. Also, please note which realm you are having the issue on. If it happened on Asgard, for example, note somewhere in your message that is where it happened.

Third, Don't demand, whine, or cry a river in bugtraq. Keep on the subject of what the problem is, not how much life has been made painful for you because the free server you play on isn't perfect yet.

Yea it sucks that the talent/quest doesn't work. You know what? We agree. When we play our toons, we can't use/complete it either. We know how you feel, don't type 3 paragraphs on your personal loss and suffering from a game. If you are truly upset by something that is broken, take a break and then write your post. Also, please try to keep your posts, and responses to other bugtraq posts on subject as well. Go to funtimes to be clever and witty, please. This is Serious Thread! :D

Since we are asking for so much from you, what can you expect from us in return?

It's only fair that the staff answer your requests in a timely manner. I can't guarantee I check forums and bugtraq everyday, but I do try to. We will try to answer as clearly and completely as possible, and will sometimes request additional info from you if needed.

We do read every bugtraq post. Keep in mind that are some issues only certain staff can deal with, some issues only KP can fix, and some issues that are "core issues" as mentioned above. We may read your post the day you write it, but it does not mean it will be fixed the same day. Due to the very nature of some of these issues, it may take a server restart, a new revision, or new code.

There also may be a possibility that we can't readily fix it, or implement your suggestion. If the devs are working on a more urgent issue, yours might not get immediate attention. It is still worth posting regardless! This is our best way to know what needs fixed, what you want from us in the future, and improve the server for you, and your fellow players.

You are still here? Wow! Thanks for reading all that. I hope it helped!
Apr 17, 2011
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