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Aug 3, 2013
Jul 16, 2007
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Aug 11, 1965 (Age: 52)

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Weapons and Armor, 52, from Ohio

Imskel was last seen:
Aug 3, 2013
    1. Lust
      One year today you left us! Q_Q
    2. Mucak
      Imskel come back!!!! :)
      I miss you!! xD
    3. redemption
      <Dractyl> your such a tool
      [redempti0N] and your a fuckin loser
      <Dractyl> how old are you like 10
      [redempti0N] dont worry about my age, go spam some more on the forums you mindless twit
      <Dractyl> o ouch that hurts
      <Dractyl> dont make me come and kill you and all your friends
      [redempti0N] I'm sure it does.
      [redempti0N] lol
      <Dractyl> no, cuz it's not like i dont have a few friends in gangs livin in calgary
      [redempti0N] oooh I'm scared
      <Dractyl> you should be, why are you such a dick to Zolaugh?
      <Dractyl> w
      [redempti0N] I'm sure your pussy friends would love to come down to ny and kill someon
      <Dractyl> fuck ya
      [redempti0N] I aint scared and I am a dick to the 2 of ya cuz you dont fuckin stop spamming
      <Dractyl> trust me new york isnt anything compaired to the underground gangs in calgary
      [redempti0N] ok tell me when I should be scared
      <Dractyl> new york is famous for their gangs cuz their idiots and get caught
      [redempti0N] whatever child
      <Dractyl> yes, im a child
      [redempti0N] I realized that
      <Dractyl> ok *rolls eyes*
      <Dractyl> so im a child? how about you being immature to other players
      <Dractyl> it's you kinda people who single handedly ruin games
      [redempti0N] no I am telling you 2 retarded fucks to shut the fuck up and stop spamming bullshit on the forums
      <Dractyl> bite me
      <Dractyl> i do whatever the fuck i want
      [redempti0N] you think that fuckstain
      [redempti0N] you bring your precious canadian gang to NY and kill me
      [redempti0N] I'm waiting
      <Dractyl> dont worry
      [redempti0N] believe me I'm not
      <Dractyl> so do you think you being smart when your threatening Zolaugh, saying your gonna kill him?
      [redempti0N] I never said I was gonna kill him
      <Dractyl> thats not what he said
      [redempti0N] I dont give a fuck what he said
      <Dractyl> he said that you said you were gonna kill him and his family
      [redempti0N] oh and for the record this is being logged and sent to KP so feel free to keep threatening me
      <Dractyl> dude why do you even talk to people if all your out to do is give them a hard time?
      <Dractyl> dont worry, i think it's the other way around
      <Dractyl> speak for yourself man
    4. jesseman
      sorry to bug you but i wanted to tell you that our guild has raised all of the money needed to pay for an exotic guild headquarters we also wanna get some additional things well talk to paladinfx/holyfacter he is the one who is paying we are in the guild Silent Mark. please we would like to sit down and nigotiate prices of course i understand that it is pointless until the server gets back under control but once that happens please talk to Zolaugh, or Dractyl, or Paladinfx/holyfacter thank you
    5. UFO
      isnt it really possible to get unbanned please? ill do anything for it,,really anything,,my account name is UFONKO
    6. 0-Kasai-0

    7. redemption
      Lena and Caucalgrl need pendants.
    8. dred87
      hi dude... how do i change the game XP??? im a local admin
    9. kurnr
      hihi i downloaded the loader and went to the signup page to play the game but i saying either username our password our email our ip already used y and can u help me can u make an account for me any username and password my email is [email][email protected][/email] ty
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    Aug 11, 1965 (Age: 52)
    watching Movies &amp; Playing Mmos



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